with Yorgos Kaloudis on cello and Cretan lyra

It’s been a long road, with many miles travelled, for these two performers from very different artistic backgrounds to come together. This unique collaboration is based on common aesthetic criteria, the freedom provided by improvisational techniques and the sheer pleasure of sharing a stage and understanding the power of song in the simplest form. This performance will allow listeners to really enjoy the artistic tension and space an acoustic set up provides, without anyone or anything competing to take centre stage. Alkinoos Ioannidis will be performing songs from his personal and collaborative projects, along with tracks from his latest album entitled “Small Suitcase”.

Alkinoos Ioannidis: Lead vocals, Guitar, Lute
Yorgos Kaloudis: Cello, Cretan lyra, Vocals

“Every way out is a return home”
Track: You are your own way, Album: Downpour (2009)